Subscription Series: Where’s My Software?

So in the ongoing saga that is Autodesk Subscription Center, our customers are always asking: “Where do I get the latest version? …How come I never got a box? …Will this take a long time?”  In a world of instant gratification, we need to get our hands on the latest and greatest technology now. Autodesk decided that for this past release cycle, they would “default” to download only and not automatically ship their customers’ software boxes.  Great idea! In an effort to go green, save money, and make the bloggers, tweeters, redditors, diggers, and facebookers content, they provided instant access to software, including extensions and advantage packs.  They did leave an option for us old-schoolers to get a real box though. And, to be honest, it makes sense, bandwidth does not necessarily come a dime a dozen nowadays, products like Civil 3D are fairly large, and maybe that 10 hours of download time might not be worth it to you.  Personally, I would choose sleep.  Anyway, let’s get you to the right place…

Step 1: Log In (

Step 2: Access Your Subscription Benefits

Step 3: Navigate to the Download Page

On the left hand side of the screen will be a menu.  Click Downloads.

Click the yellow Banner “Download Your Upgrade Now”

You will come to a Product List.  Note that there are 2 Options – Current Release and Previous Release

Choose your product. Note that there may be multiple options – AutoCAD 2011 Multilingual versus AutoCAD 2011 English, for instance. Release dates and View Download Log columns are also displayed.

Step 4: Let’s Download

Choose the appropriate OS version – 32Bit or 64Bit. Remember to check the Selection Box.

You have 2 choices: Browser Download or Download Manager. This is really a preference issue. If you click the Download Manager link, another page will pop up:

If you click the Browser Download link, the following popup screen will show:

Choose to save it locally and the download will begin.

Step 5: Wait

That’s it, now you wait. I would recommend doing this times when internet traffic is low. Products like Civil 3D and Revit may require an overnight download depending on your broadband speeds.

QuickTip: Download not working out – If you can’t get your download to work, whether it is too slow or you are experiencing Technical difficulties, its time to request a box:

Choose Request a DVD/CD under Related Information: on the left-hand side of screen.  A new Page will pop up (looking for your Subscription Contract information):

1. Select your Product; 2. Choose quantity; 3. Click Save Quantity. Then Click the Continue button

Save any Changes and click Continue. The next page will require that you give a reason, and verify your shipping address. Once you complete this, click the Continue button at bottom of page. Make sure you Save Reason and Save Changes for address.

Submit Request (Autodesk should take at least 1 week to deliver your software)

You’re Done!!  Good Luck!

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