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Autodesk sure moves fast.  It feels like the company is always branching out and reaching it’s tendrils into new areas.  This becomes even more pronounced with the internet and all the new products and websites out there (AutoCAD WS, Autodesk Seek, Autodesk Bluestreak, etc.).  Sometimes I wish websites and interfaces would just stay the same, but then I’d mentally be falling into one of those no progress traps and refusing to flex my neocortex.  Really, I like to play with new software, see what it can do, and think of ways that it will make work more enjoyable for all of us.

My coworker Brian Lee pointed out this website to me, the Autodesk WikiHelp page.  Currently, it is only in it’s infancy, but it seems like the overall goal of the site is to create a community page with videos, tutorials, comments, tips and instructions to help use Autodesk software more efficiently.  Is it going to take off?  I think it really depends on how much people like you and me contribute.  In the end, only time will tell (kind of like this blog; thanks for supporting us and reading!)

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