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If you’ve read my previous posts on AutoCAD for Mac and WS, you’ll know that Autodesk is trying to stay with the times. Macs and mobile devices are hip and Autodesk is on the bandwagon.

Recently Brian introduced me to a new project called Bluestreak. It’s officially referred to as a cloud based collaboration solution—think of it as a newsfeed for your AEC project. It’s shares a lot of similarities with Facebook in the ways that you connect with people and post status updates.

Facebook for work projects? I don’t know about that…

All of these new ideas and programs are available at Autodesk Labs, the testing ground for future products and functionality. The stuff on this site is interesting and I expect I’ll be writing more on it in the future.

Admittedly though, I haven’t been working with CAD for all that long. I’m a relative youngster. Yet, not even I’m sure what I think about these products. It’s important for a company to stay relevant and push the envelope, but is this stuff relevant to the design and construction industries? Can Autodesk design programs be brought to the masses or will they stay useful only to specialists? Let us know what you think and why.

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