Export Civil 3D Surface Profile to Excel

So you need to generate an Excel spreadsheet or text file of your existing ground surface profile using Civil 3D.  Maybe you’re looking to do some in-depth analysis in Excel, or want to export a few sections to HEC-RAS.  Should be a simple task right?  In the Toolbox tab of Toolspace, we’ve got Profile reports for Profiles_in_CSV and PVI_Station.  However, when you run those on a surface profile, the report is blank.  They only work for layout profiles.  What on earth is an engineer to do?

Luckily, we have a very simple solution.  Select your profile line, right-click and click Edit Profile Geometry.  Click the Profile Grid View button .  The Panorama is displayed with all the pertinent information for the surface profile.  Right-click inside the Panorama, and click Copy All.  Paste into Excel and you’re done.  You’ll get some extra columns that you’re probably not interested in.  You can either delete them in Excel or before you copy, turn off the extra columns in the Panorama with a right-click.  If you need an ASCII text file, use Save As in Excel and select the .txt file format.

  1. This was the one most useful website I have had regarding this problem. Thanks for solving that problem!

    1. One way is to create points along the alignment, and export the points to an ASCII text file. Home tab of the Ribbon->Points->Create Points – Alignments->Profile Geometry Points. Then Output tab of the Ribbon->Export Points.

  2. Sir please help in regard that how i can get profile crossings detail in excel format for example if an asphalt road crosses my centerline it will be labeled with add crossings my question is this can i get this labeled crossing into the excel please

    1. If you have a profile of the crossing road, you could superimpose the profile onto the current profile, and export that to excel via the same method.

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