Customization Using ACAD.LSP – Part 3

In part 1 of this series, we discussed how to customize AutoCAD using an ACAD.LSP file.  We started with a simple example where we used an ACAD.LSP to set an AutoCAD variable – FILEDIA.  In part 2, we took a step further and set the path and time for automatic saves.  In the last part of the series, we’ll add everything but the kitchen sink.

Perhaps you have a network folder where you would like to store CAD support files and standards.  In this case, we are storing the files in S:\CAD.  We’ve added several lines to the ACAD.LSP file to facilitate the network storage of these files.  We are now setting the AutoCAD device driver search path, printer support file paths, and template paths.  Further we are setting the default template file name for QNEW, so new drawings are started with the company’s standard template.

For the last item we are adding a path to the list of support file search paths.  Often times you store custom fonts in a network path, and you would like to add that path to the support file search paths.  STRCAT is the lisp command for string concatenation.  We are concatenating our custom path to the existing set of support file search paths, which is represented by (getenv “ACAD”).  Notice that paths are separated by semicolons.

This concludes the series in customization using ACAD.LSP.  Good luck, and remember to always test your work before you go live.

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