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A couple of weeks ago, my wife graciously gifted me a Sony Network Blu-Ray player, so we could watch streaming Netflix on our flat-screen from the comfort of our own bedroom.  So where am a going with this, you ask? Well, the player offers you a number of internet ready applications, channels, and music, including YouTube.  One evening, as she was finishing up work, she came into the room to see me with my laptop, smart phone, and TV all on.  On the TV screen was an AutoCAD presentation. My laptop was logged in to CAD Masters CAD Books site with the AutoCAD Update 2011 Manual displayed.  Zach – one of our amazing technical staff members was keying me in to Polyline Grips on a YouTube video from the TV.  I had clicked on this from the CAD Masters CAD Books site for a video of what I had just read in the manual online (All while sending an email). My wife quickly grabbed the remote and switched to HOUSE for something a bit more interesting.  Lesson learned…

Times have sure changed, haven’t they?  I remember my grandfather always saying that in the early 80’s.  Currently, the CAD world is changing constantly.  As we move from CAD to BIM, the way we train on these products is changing rapidly along with it.  Technology is moving way faster than we can handle.  With CAD in the cloud, mobile apps, and video to go you can bring CAD anywhere.  You can also bring Zach with you anywhere, just in case you didn’t get the Polyline Grip functionality down the first time.We will offer ALL of our training books with corresponding videos free of charge to our active Autodesk Subscription customers.  Those who take classes from us will receive access to the corresponding version for 1 year.  Of course, you can also purchase the books for a nominal fee.

CAD Masters will go live with our CAD Books in about a month.  We have set up an example book for AutoCAD Update 2011 for free (videos and all). Please check out the free sample and post your comments and suggestions here. Thanks.

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