Effective Inexpensive Backups – Part 4 of 5

After you make the batch files you will need to schedule them in Windows Task Scheduler (Windows XP or Windows 7). Make sure both machines are on when the backup is scheduled. You will need to run the scheduled task with a profile that has sufficient permissions to the data and a password. We usually schedule them late at night so it does not impact performance of either machine. For machines that are running Windows XP, you will need to leave the machine with the scheduled tasks logged in to the appropriate profile. We usually schedule each to run once per day. I would recommend the batch files in this example be scheduled in the order Part 3, Part 2, and then Part 1. The incremental backups will not copy anything if the other copies run first. You can combine all three into one batch to ensure the proper timing.  The resulting file would look like this::

rd /s/q  e:\backup\inc9
rename e:\backup\inc8 inc9
rename e:\backup\inc7 inc8
rename e:\backup\inc6 inc7
rename e:\backup\inc5 inc6
rename e:\backup\inc4 inc5
rename e:\backup\inc3 inc4
rename e:\backup\inc2 inc3
rename e:\backup\inc inc2
xcopy /c/h/s/v/m \\server\data e:\backup\inc
xcopy /c/h/e/v/d/y \\server\data e:\backup\all
rd /s/q  e:\backup\full3
rename e:\backup\full2 full3
rename e:\backup\full full2
xcopy /c/h/e/v/y \\server\data e:\backup\full
rename e:\backup\inc8 inc9
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