Map 3D 2012 – Top 5 New Features

  • Topobase functionality – Map and Topobase, Autodesk’s enterprise GIS solution, are now integrated.  See our series on “What is Topobase?” for more information on that product.  All the Topobase tools are available in Map.  The Map 3D Enterprise version allows you to take it to the next level and run on an Oracle Spatial backbone.  When you run Map 3D Enterprise, you will have a powerful and full-fledged GIS system.
  • Data Model Administration – Centralized control over the workflows and data structure you want to maintain for your infrastructure when using the Topobase functionality.  This works with either the data store in a DWG or in Oracle.
  • Improved Styling and Labeling for Feature Data Objects (FDO connections) – Additional options for line styles, symbols, polygon styles, and labels help create more robust maps.  Additionally, being able to control label placement solves a lot of gripes that you may have had with FDO labeling in the past.
  • Autodesk Storm & Sanitary Analysis – Map 3D comes with and integrates with the Autodesk Storm & Sanitary Analysis program.  This is available with both the normal version and Enterprise version of Map 3D.
  • DWG Output Wizard – This improves the conversion of FDO objects to AutoCAD DWG objects.  All the enhanced styling and labeling capabilities carry over to the DWG reproduced just like your new fancy styles.
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