Revit 2012 – Top 5 New Features

Revit Architecture 2012

  • Worksharing – Worksharing has greatly improved in Revit 2012.  You can now graphically identify many aspects of elements, such as the ownership status, specific owners and which workset they belong to.  There are also balloon notifications for worksharing requests to make it easier to collaborate so that you can access a feature that someone else has borrowed.  These work with Revit Server.
  • Citrix Support – Using Revit with a cloud computing model has recently been on many users radar because of Revit’s large file sizes.  Having an out of the box solution to this using Citrix is a great step to getting a server setup for users to access Revit.
  • AutoCAD DWG Export – The Revit DWG export has been improved to create a more workable AutoCAD DWG.  You can now assign properties such as dimension styles, layers, linetypes, and fonts.  These settings can then be saved and reused when you are finished.
  • Create Parts and Divide the Model – This allows you to break common elements such as walls into the individual pieces.  Each of these individual pieces can be manipulated and scheduled individually.
  • 3D View Lock – This makes it much easier to annotate 3D Views. Previously, 3D views could not be annotated so this can be a great tool for presentations and to enhance the clarity of your details.

Revit MEP 2012

  • All the Revit Architecture Updates – Revit MEP has all of the updates that Revit Architecture has, which are all great new features.
  • System Browser – The improved browser makes it easier to find elements in your model.  You can hide and find elements by type.  You will also find that model elements will highlight as you select them in the system browser.
  • Placeholders – These elements can be used in the early stages of the design to reserve space when you are still unsure of the final locations.  Very useful for collision detection when you know the approximate location of elements, but not the final design.
  • Sloped Piping – Its now easier to create sloped pipes with more control.  You will be able to see the elevation and slope of the pipe and use that to connect sloped pipes directly to each other.
  • Parallel Conduit and Pipe Runs – This lets you automatically create parallel conduits and pipes.

Revit Structure 2012

  • All the Revit Architecture Updates – Revit Structure has all of the updates that Revit Architecture has, which are all great new features.
  • Multiplanar Rebar – It is now possible to create rebar that accurately models what you want constructed.  Rebar with bends in multiple planes are much easier to create.
  • Rebar Display – Self-intersecting rebar displays properly and will be shown as bent over and on top of itself.
  • Analytical Model Color Coding – You can now select “Differentiate ends of linear analytical elements” to help identify where the structural elements begin and end.
  • Enable Analytical Model – There is now a simple feature that let’s you select if a physical element is structural.  If you deselect the “Enable Analytical Model” parameter then it will not be considered in the analytical model.
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