Should I buy the Ultimate Revit Building Design Suite?

Revit 2012 is now officially available. You can download it from the Subscription Center, if you have not already. However, maybe you have not even purchased Revit yet and are still on the fence. The 2012 release could be called “The Year of the Suite” given that there are so many different Autodesk suites being released. You might be asking yourself, does my company need the Standard, Premium, or Ultimate Design Suite?

Well, first of all, you probably want Revit, so we can probably assume that you at least want to get the Premium design suite.  One of the best things about this is that even if you are only doing residential designs in Revit, you get Revit MEP.  One of the benefits of this is that you do not have to fake in your electrical elements, you can use Revit MEP to model them.  You also get Revit Structural, which is great just in case you are responsible for any structural details, especially those that involve rebar.

The decision of whether you want the Ultimate Design Suite should be quite easy to figure out.  It all comes down to whether you need Navisworks Manage.  Are you going to be coordinating a large BIM project?  Do you need to need to use the Clash Detective to check interferences among models from multiple disciplines?  If the answer to this question is yes, then you would probably find Quantity Takeoff useful as well and should get the Ultimate Suite.  If you do not think that you will need the Clash Detective, you might be able to get away with just buying Navisworks Simulate on the side along with the Premium version…but, you’d be missing out on the Clash Detective, Inventor, and Quantity Takeoff.  Though these deals are a great deal, they sure make deciding on which software package to buy a little more difficult.  Remember though, that we’re always there for you and that if you have any questions about purchasing one of these suites, be sure to give us at CAD Masters a call.

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