Navisworks Identify Coordinate

One of the easiest ways to identify the coordinates of a point in Navisworks is to use the Measure Tools.  However, if you have only used the Ribbon in Navisworks, then you might have missed out on the powerful Measure Tools window.  The nice thing about the old-school Measure Tools window is that it displays the coordinates of any points that you select.  To open the window, on to the View tab of the Ribbon, click Windows, and select Measure Tools.Alternatively, maybe you knew about this tool already, it’s just that you are having difficulty finding all your commands on the Ribbon, and would prefer to switch back to menus.  You can get to the classic interface through Options, if you expand Interface, then select User Interface, and select Classic for the User Interface.  Once you are using Menus, you can find the Measure Tools on the Tools menu.

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