Civil View (Dynamite VSP) 3ds Max 2012 Installation

Dynamite VSP was renamed to Civil View in the 2012 release of products.  If you purchased the Premium Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, then it’s likely that you are going to want to use Civil View with 3DS Max Design.  There are instructions on installing the product on the 3AM Solutions webpage.  As their instructions say, you need to have 3DS Max Design installed first before you install Civil View.

When I tried to install the software using their instructions, I ran into problems where it thought that one of the tutorial files was corrupted.  I then had to abort the installation.  However, when I installed the software directly instead of going through setup.exe, then the installation went through without a problem.  You can find the installation file for Civil View at the following directory on the installation media.

3ds Max Root:\3rdParty\x86\Partners\CivilView\CivilView2012.exe

Note, that on a Windows 7 computer with UAC turned on I had to run the CivilView2012.exe with a right-click, Run as administrator to get it to launch properly.

Edit:  I recently heard that when you create a deployment that the CivilView2012.exe file does not get copied over.  This means that you will want to hold on to the original installation folder, even if you created a deployment.

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