Planned Service Pack Transparency for 3ds Max 2012

Autodesk released a list of the planned fixes for the 3ds Max 2012 to improve feedback from the customers.  This is very different from what we would typically see of the other products Autodesk offers, where information about the service pack fixes are released at the same time as the updates.  Would this model be beneficial to Autodesk for their other software packages?  It’s hard to say, which is probably why they are starting with 3ds Max.  Personally, I would hope that this becomes standard with all of the Autodesk products.

On a final note, an interesting reply was posted by Ken Pimentel regarding new features in the update, “Features can NEVER be part of a service pack or hot fix. That is one of the rules we live by across Autodesk.”  Look for new features in a subscription extension or new release.

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