Rendering the Ground Plane in Revit

One of the problems you might run into when creating an exterior render in Revit is the ground plane. When rendering, you will probably want to turn it off or cover it up. What I like to do is create a Toposurface to cover up the horizon. It’s best to use real data to create your topology, but in case you do not have any, use the following steps to create a Toposurface from scratch:

  • Switch to the site view.
  • In the Ribbon on the Massing & Site tab, click Toposurface.
  • Select the  Place Point tool.
  • In the Options Bar, enter the Elevation for the new point.
  • Click in the model to place the points that will define your surface.
  • Click the green check when you are finished placing points.
  • Switch to the 3D view and you’ll see the surface.

I like to put some points at zero elevation around my model and some points at a positive elevation behind the model. I typically keep the point elevations near the building set to 0 so that there’s not a surface in the middle of my stairs.. Below are a couple examples that use this method.

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