Revit Quick Tip – Multiple Equal Distances

In Revit, there are many different methods available to create dimensions.  It’s fairly easy to create dimensions from the temporary dimensions (Activate Dimensions), and if you’re trying to make two dimensions values exactly the same, then this works great.

If you’re trying to make multiple dimensions equidistant, you’ll need to manually create aligned dimensions.  On the Ribbon, in the Annotate tab, in the Dimension panel, click Aligned.  When you run this command, you can make a connected string of dimensions.  You’ll know that it’s a connected string of dimensions because they will all select as one object.

Now, you can set the dimensions to all be equal by clicking on EQ while the dimensions are selected.  If you’d prefer to show the numerical dimensions, but retain the equality constraint, select the dimensions, right-click, and click EQ Display.

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