AutoCAD Performance Slowdown – Part 2

In my last post, I said that I was going to exclude c:\windows\winsxs from the on-access scans for McAfee Virus and Spyware Protection.  The McAfee software prevents me from doing this individually on my computer.  The “person in charge” must log onto the McAfee security center and modify a policy to exclude files and folders.  So the “person in charge” did this – she excluded c:\windows\winsxs from the on-access scans for the policy assigned to my computer.  The policy did not update on my computer immediately, I had to wait a day.

The next day I tested the problem assuming that the McAfee policy was updated on my computer.  It appears to have been fixed.

Now, is there a security risk in disabling on-access scans for c:\windows\winsxs?  I can’t really speak to that.  The dll in question was actually buried deeper in the c:\windows\winsxs folder.  So I could have excluded the actual folder that the dll was in and perhaps that would have been safer.

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