Obscure AutoCAD Commands

We get a lot of calls from people that have seen a command once, but forgot what the command was. Sometimes, we know these off the top of our head, other times they take a bit of digging. Here are some of the more obscure AutoCAD commands that people have asked about:

MOCORO lets you move, rotate, copy, and scale objects all in one command. It’s also a good candidate for the benefits of dynamic input. (Express Tool)

REVERT restores an open drawing to its saved state. Be careful because you’ll lose any unsaved changes—which is kind of the point. (Express Tool)

INPUTHISTORYMODE is a system variable that controls what you can access with by using the up arrow on the keyboard to cycle through values as well as commands. Look at the help file for all the different options within the variable.

PEDITACCEPT is a system variable that controls what happens when you select an object that’s not a PLINE when using the PEDIT command. If the variable is set to 1 it will suppress the “Do you want to turn it into one?” prompt.

TXT2MTXT lets you join/convert existing text objects into mtext objects. It’s a great way to take a bunch of single line text objects and create one multiline text object. (Express Tool)

MTJIGSTRING lets you change the “abc” preview when creating mtext to something of your own choosing. It has a maximum of 10 characters. I only threw this one in there for fun.

AECDWGSETUP is a dialog that controls a lot of the behavior in the vertical applications such as Civil 3D.  It is also tied to the -DWGUNITS command, which can be tied to insertion scaling as well as the default list of scales.

If any of these are new to you, make sure to try them out.

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