Autodesk Vault and Civil 3D – Part 2

Now that the Vault server is up and running, the next step is to install the Autodesk Vault Collaboration client software on the computer with Civil 3D.  The software requires a network license to run, so the license server should be updated with a Vault Collaboration license (85750VLTC_2012_0F).  Next, when installing the Vault client software, it recognizes that Civil 3D 2012 is installed and adds the required Vault integration files, including the vaac.cuix file automatically.

After installation of the Vault Collaboration client software, after launching Civil 3D there is an option to login to Vault.  In Civil 3D, in Toolspace, on the  Prospector Tab, right-click Projects, and click Log In to Vault.

Enter your User Name, Password, Vault Server Name, and Database Name and click OK:  Notice that there is a check box for Windows Authentication as discussed in Part 1.

You may receive the following error message:  “This Vault database has not been configured for use with Civil 3D.”

This means that we have more left to do to configure the Vault server.  Go back to the Data Management Server Console on the Vault server, right-click your Vault (which I named C3D), and click Import Configuration. Then import the appropriate CFG file.

CFG file locations.

Now, you should be able to log in to Vault from Civil 3D!

For this example, I’ll create a new project called Spruce Street Sewer.  The framework for the project is created as shown in the Prospector tab in Civil 3D:

I would like to subdivide the drawings into three folders:  data, xref, and sheets.  This can be done when creating the project by if you use a project template or afterwards using the Vault Collaboration Software that runs externally from Civil 3D.  You can launch the Vault Collaboration software with the Vault Collaboration desktop icon or the Civil 3D Vault ribbon (Go to Vault button).  After logging in, right-click Your Project, and click New Folder to subdivide the drawings.

To get the folders to appear in Civil 3D, you may need to log out and log back in:

Now that the project is setup, we can start designing, modeling, sharing, and making money.  We’ll talk about that in the next post.

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