CMI Tools for Civil 3D – Rename Subassemblies

One of our applications that we develop at CAD Masters is called CMI Tools for Civil 3D.  It includes several utilities for working with AutoCAD Civil 3D.  You can read about the application here.

Recently we added a tool to automatically rename subassemblies.  If you work with Civil 3D corridors, you create assemblies.  You can easily create new assemblies by copying existing assemblies.  One of the frustrating aspects of this is how the subassemblies are renamed:

For the first subassembly name in the list, most would prefer a descriptive name similar to “3rd Street LANE RT” as opposed to “LaneSuperelevationAOR Right 77 (1) (1)” where 3rd Street is the name of the assembly.  The purpose of this tool is to automatically rename subassemblies in this pattern:

Each subassembly class name is assigned an abbreviation or friendly name.  Note that LaneSuperelevationAOR will be renamed to LANE.  Once I run this tool, the subassembly names for the 3rd Street assembly will be updated with the given abbreviations:

Note that currently, the API does not support changing the name of the subassembly group.

In addition to this tool, we also added a tool to delete unused assemblies (assemblies that are not used in a corridor).

CMI Tools is available free to our customers.  It can also be purchased.  If you would like to download a trial, go here.  This subassembly renaming tool is included in the 2012 version.

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