AutoCAD Analysis Zebra

This strange command was introduced in AutoCAD 2011.  Speaking with co-workers here, it’s mainly a source of frustration as users try to Zoom Extents and instead get the ZEBRA command, the alias for ANALYSISZEBRA.

What does this command do anyways?  If you’re using a display mode besides 2D Wireframe, it will apply the zebra texture to selected solids or surfaces (not Civil 3D surfaces).  The following is a Civil 3D surface, changed to solids using the F2S.lsp routine and analysis zebra turned on.

In case you’re not interested in seeing your solids with a hypnotic zebra pattern, you can use the following lisp routine to change ZE into Zoom Extents:

[sourcecode language=”c”]
(defun c:ze()
(command "zoom" "extents"))

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