Autodesk 360 Vs. Dropbox

If you’ve been paying attention to the Autodesk 2013 launch webcasts, then you’ve probably been hearing that Autodesk’s cloud service Autodesk Cloud Document has been renamed to Autodesk 360.  Recently, Dropbox has been a popular service for cloud-based file sharing, personal storage, and backup.  Here are a few key differences and similarities between Autodesk 360 and Dropbox:

Autodesk 360 Dropbox
Storage 3 GB Free (25 GB On Subscription) 2 GB Free (50 GB, 100 GB, 1TB+ Paid Plans)
Desktop Integration Yes – Autodesk 360 X Drive (Edit) Yes – Utility available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile
Sharing Yes Yes
Maximum File Size 2048 MB (2 GB) Desktop App: UnlimitedWebsite: 300 MB

One of the greatest advantages of Dropbox is the fact that it adds a folder to Windows Explorer that behaves like any other.  This folder is synchronized and accessible to anyone that the Dropbox has been shared with.

Given that Dropbox is so easy to use and that the stats are not that different, why would you ever use Autodesk 360? Here’s a list of a reasons to try Autodesk 360 :

  • It gives you lots of storage space (25GB), if you’re on subscription.  3GB for free even if you’re not on subscription.
  • It is integrated into Autodesk products.  Why browse through Windows Explorer when you can directly connect through AutoCAD, Inventor, and Showcase?
  • It tracks versions so that you do not have to worry about accidentally losing data if files are overwritten.
  • It makes it easy to share your files with other users.
  • It provides a viewing platform for those you share with.  Even if they do not have AutoCAD, they can still view and edit the DWG files online with AutoCAD WS for free.
  • It  does not continually download files unless you request them.

Autodesk 360 and Dropbox are really different tools.  Autodesk 360 is designed to be a collaborative design tool that focuses on Autodesk product users.  Dropbox is designed to be a quick and easy to setup and use, something that’s accessible to everyone.  Autodesk 360 is easy to use and setup if you have Autodesk software.  If you do not, then it’s going to require more effort.  Chances are that if you’re reading this blog that you already do have Autodesk software so go and give Autodesk 360 a try.

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