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After January 31, 2016, new perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk software will no longer be available for purchase.  Follow the link to view a webinar with CAD Masters President, Michelle Self, P.E., for a business discussion on coming changes to the way we purchase and renew Autodesk technology, and how it will affect your budget and purchasing strategy.


Latest clarifications from Autodesk (posted after the recording of this webcast):

Autodesk will have a “network subscription”* offering for customers with network licenses on Maintenance Subscription

Current Maintenance Subscription customers with NLM environments will have the option to purchase “network subscriptions” for individual products. This will allow them to add licenses to their pool of existing, networked perpetual licenses of individual products.  These additional licenses will be term-based, not perpetual licenses.  They will need to be renewed when the “network subscription” contract expires. The “network subscription” will leverage the same licensing file technology and Network License Manager (NLM) that we use today for perpetual network licenses.  “Network subscription” will not be a named user model.  This will minimize disruptions to their existing network license environment.

(*The official name of the offering has not yet been determined.  “Network subscription” is the term we will use until a name has been confirmed.)

“Network subscription” is not yet available for customers to purchase.  It will be available on or before February 1, 2016.  Pricing will be approximately 1.5 times the price of the Desktop Subscription equivalent for each particular product.  Remember, to be eligible for “network subscription” customers must have network licenses on Maintenance Subscription.

Things You Need to Know About Perpetual Licenses

1.       As of January 31, 2016, Autodesk will no longer sell, and therefore customers will no longer be able to buy, new perpetual licenses of individual products.

2.       After January 31, 2016, customers will still be able to purchase perpetual licenses of Design and Creation Suites.  Though Autodesk expects to discontinue sales of perpetual licenses of Suites sometime in the future, they have not yet announced a date.

3.       This change does not impact the customer’s current perpetual licenses and their ability to use them.  Customers retain their rights to their perpetual licenses in accordance with their license agreements.

4.       If a customer’s perpetual licenses are on Maintenance Subscription as of January 31, 2016, they will continue to receive their Maintenance Subscription benefits, including access to new releases.  Maintenance subscription continues with the same entitlements – it is not impacted by the end of sale of perpetual licenses for individual products.  There is a misconception by some customers that maintenance subscription ends when the sale of perpetual licenses ends and this is NOT true.

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