Automatically Sync AutoCAD with A360 Drive

In the not too distant past Autodesk introduced Autodesk 360. 360 encompasses their cloud offerings. For most users where they see A360 is in the saving of design files and the syncing of settings. With the 2016 release there’s been a small change in how files are saved to the A360 drive, and I want to talk about that.

In version before 2016 AutoCAD could, and by default did, automatically save design files to the cloud. In options, if “Enable automatic sync” was check on the online tab every drawing you saved was also saved to your 360 drive. As a side note – that behavior was/is on by default, and while the drive is encrypted, many (read most) users like to turn that default behavior off.


Autodesk, however, got the memo and starting with the 2016 release of AutoCAD and its verticals removed that little check box in options. So now you cannot auto sync your design files to the cloud. If you want files to be saved to your A360 drive, you have to save them to it. It gives the user drawing by drawing control over what is saved to Autodesk’s servers.


Find more official info on the change here.

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