The IT Side of Subscription for CAD Managers

In this video recording, CAD Masters’ expert Brian Lee discusses the IT side of subscription from a CAD Manager’s perspective.

This Webcast is your quick start to getting up and running with Autodesk Subscription. It includes an overview of the setup process, helpful tips and detailed step-by-step instructions including:

  • Login and software download options
  • Installation and authorization
  • Stand-alone and network licensing
  • Managing users
  • Viewing assets and usage
  • Home use, mobile use, past version use and licensing rules
  • Bonus Apps only available through subscription
  • Autodesk direct support via subscription portal
  • CAD Masters support and online training resources

Watch the full recording here:

Our apologies for a technical issue during the recording of the webcast – the sound for the embedded video Brian played was not working.  You can see those individual videos directly (with sound 🙂 here:

Logging in for the first time

Adding a new user

Assign software to a user

Creating a license file

Use a different license

Install Now

Using DownloadThemAll

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