Block Attribute Manager

The Block Attribute Manager is a great tool that allows you to modify and synchronize the attributes of your AutoCAD blocks. This tool can be found in the Insert Tab > Block Definition Panel of the Ribbon. You can also type the command BATTMAN.

Button location

The Block Attribute Manger allows you to choose a block by selecting it in your drawing or by selecting it from a list. Once a block is chosen, its attributes are listed in the window.

Block Attribute Manager WindowBlock Example

Block named “_DetailCallout”

The Settings button allows you to choose what information you want to display in the list of attributes.

Block Attribute Settings Window

Once you have selected the attribute you want to modify in the Block Attribute Manager window, you can use the buttons on the right side of that window to Synchronize, Move Up or Move Down, Edit or Remove the attribute from the list. If you choose to Edit an attribute, you will see the window below. The Attribute tab allows you to change the Tag, Prompt and Default values. It also allows you to change some of the Mode Settings.

Edit Attribute Window - Attribute Tab

The Text Options tab allows you to change the Text Style, Justification, Text Height, Text Rotation, Width Factor, and Oblique Angle. It also gives options for using Annotative Text and displaying the text Backwards or Upside down. I find this tab the most useful. I often use it to resize attribute text that is too large or too long to fit inside of a given block.

Edit Attribute Window - Text Options Tab

The Properties Tab allows you to change the Layer settings of the attribute. You can also change the Linetype, Color, Lineweight, and Plot style of the attribute. This is useful when you want the attribute to have properties that are independent of the block. (Ex. red colored text in a black colored block OR being able to freeze one attribute while showing the rest of the block)

Edit Attribute Window - Properties Tab

Once you are finished making your edits, click OK to get back to the Block Attribute Manager window. In that window, you must click the Sync button to apply your changes to all instances of the block.

**BONUS INFO: The command GATTE (Global Attribute Edit) globally changes attribute values for all instances of a specified block.

  1. Many thanks for this Elizabeth, however my question is how do i edit blocks for only its instances in my present drawing not everywhere else?

    1. Tomori,

      The block editor (BE) takes the user to a place where they edit the block for the local drawing, and not anywhere else.

  2. Very useful for BATTMAN command and thanks a lot for the Bonus Info “GATTE” command which I have been looking for.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,

    The battman command changes all the blocks at once. But in some cases I would like to change only some of the blocks. How can I apply the change for only 10 of the blocks let’s say, or only for a selection of blocks?

    Your help is much appreciated,
    Simona Ionescu

    1. Some advanced actions like this are not available natively in Autocad. It may be possible to write routines/code for this sort of thing.

      For instance, the Cad Masters team has created a code for a “Block Attribute Module”. It provides a window where you can inspect all the blocks in the drawing with a given name, and update their attributes in the list view. In this view, you could update several blocks with that block name at once. If you are a client of CAD Masters, then we can provide you with a download for the ACAD-CMI tab through the CAD Masters subscription website.

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