Get 30% off Autodesk Software When You Trade in an Old License

Autodesk recently announced their latest promotion. If you have any old perpetual licenses that are not currently on a maintenance plan, you are in luck. You can trade in those old licenses and receive a 30% discount on a 3-year subscription to any Autodesk software product up to and including a single-user subscription to an industry collection. This includes desktop products, like AutoCAD, and Autodesk Cloud (360) products.

Autodesk software

As most Autodesk customers know, the company has made the switch from selling software licenses to selling Software as a Service (SAAS) instead. Therefore, instead of purchasing a piece of software with a maintenance plan to enable updates and prior version use, you can now essentially “rent” the software monthly, quarterly or annually.

The subscription option provides greater flexibility for the customer. For instance, if you have a specific project that requires Revit but you only own AutoCAD, you can subscribe to Revit for a month, quarter, or year to cover the timeframe during which you will be working on the project. Autodesk also recently introduced their industry collections, which replaced the previous suites. The collections are available for subscription and contain upwards of 20 pieces of software for a price much lower than subscribing to the individual products separately.

Autodesk released lists of the software titles eligible for trade-in and the eligible products for new subscription as follows:

Autodesk software eligible for trade-in

Autodesk trade in

Autodesk software eligible for new subscription

Autodesk new subscription

Full terms and conditions are available at

This current Autodesk promotion is quite similar to one they offered last year. They are providing customers ample opportunity to turn an older, unused software license into a subscription for newer, up-to-date software. A key difference with this promotion is that customers with older LT products are eligible for any new software titles on the list, not just others in the LT family. The current promotion runs from February 7th through April 21st, 2017.

If you believe you have an older piece of software that would be eligible or you aren’t sure, contact CAD Masters at (925) 939-1378 for assistance.

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