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AutoCAD 2023: New Features

The newest iteration of AutoCAD is here, and the new features follow two themes— collaboration and automation. Some new features are updates to recently added features and other are entirely new. For…

CMI Tools for AutoCAD

Here at CAD Masters we are always trying to find new and unique ways to improve our customer’s experience with AutoCAD. For Civil 3D, we have a set of tools that are…

What’s New in Revit 2021

With Revit 2021, Autodesk focused on improving three areas: productivity, collaboration, and visualization.  This includes improvements to core features and exciting new functionality, beginning with Generative Design. For a full breakdown of all…

How to use your Autodesk software at home

During this temporary transition away from a centralized office, CAD Masters and Autodesk have compiled some licensing and software usage tips and tools. Learn about the Extended Access Program, accessing remotely through VPN, getting an Autodesk license at home, and using cloud collaboration tools such as BIM 360 Design.

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