AutoCAD Map 3D 2015 Top New Features

Here is a list of CAD Masters’ top AutoCAD Map 3D 2015 new features, in no particular order. Installs on top of other AutoCAD installations If multiple versions of AutoCAD 2015 are installed, they all share the same core AutoCAD … Continue reading

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AutoCAD 2015 Top New Features

AutoCAD 2015 has a lot of exciting new features for the core AutoCAD product.  Here is a list of CAD Masters’ top new features, in no particular order, that can be of great use for almost any AutoCAD user in … Continue reading

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AutoCAD and Autodesk Subscription Center Download Install Now vs. Browser Download

Installation disks are starting to be considered obsolete, and a digital download is becoming the default distribution method. We’re all familiar with how long downloading software takes; some longer and some shorter depending on file size and download speed. Whatever … Continue reading

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FME Desktop® World Tour

If you are in the engineering or GIS business, you have probably needed to translate data from one format or database to another,  such as from ESRI® ArcSDE® to AutoCAD® DWG.  For any data processing during the translation, we swear … Continue reading

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RQSelect (Revit Quick Select)

Revit Quick Select, a part of CMI Tools for Revit, is now available for free on the Autodesk Exchange App Store. You can download the app from the Autodesk Exchange App Store here. The Revit Quick Select command lets you … Continue reading

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