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Civil View (Dynamite VSP) 3ds Max 2012 Installation

Dynamite VSP was renamed to Civil View in the 2012 release of products.  If you purchased the Premium Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite, then it’s likely that you are going to want to use Civil View with 3DS Max Design.  There … Continue reading

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Inventor Fusion Vs. Inventor LT

The post, Inventor Fusion Vs. Inventor touched on the broad overall picture of differences between the two packages and focused on the fact that Inventor is designed as a tool to create assemblies.  When you are comparing Inventor to Inventor … Continue reading

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Navisworks Identify Coordinate

One of the easiest ways to identify the coordinates of a point in Navisworks is to use the Measure Tools.  However, if you have only used the Ribbon in Navisworks, then you might have missed out on the powerful Measure … Continue reading

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Civil 3D Template Development Part 3 – Drawing Settings

Now that we have addressed the 1000-lb gorilla that is CAD Standards, we can finally get started on creating the templates.  The very first item you should address are Drawing Settings.  Open your template and on the Settings tab of … Continue reading

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Project Galileo (Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler)

Recently, the buzz about Autodesk’s Project Galileo (now graduated to Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler) has been growing and to be honest I was skeptical about the program. To me, it seemed just like another version of Google Earth. After using the … Continue reading

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