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AutoCAD 2012 Slowdown

We’ve been having a couple of calls recently about drawing slowness in the 2012 products.  Just in case you are experiencing this, Autodesk released a hotfix that seems to solve the problem.  If anyone out there is running into the … Continue reading

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Civil 3D Grading

Since Civil 3D was first introduced, grading, in my opinion, has been the least reliable part of the program.  Due to the incessant crashing, it always left a bad taste in my mouth and I tried to avoid it at … Continue reading

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Helping AutoCAD Run Smoother-Do not use the Communication Center

In most versions of AutoCAD, the Communications Center likes to run in the background. When AutoCAD crashes, this process sometimes remains and can cause conflicts with your firewall, network, and anti-virus software. The purpose of this process is to check … Continue reading

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GoogleEarth & Civil3D

Many people know about the capabilities of Google Earth with regards to Civil 3D.  I’m going to describe possibly some tips and tricks that may help with this process.  I will demonstrate the procedures and setup for importing Google Earth … Continue reading

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Tool Palettes

Today’s Blog post will address a feature of AutoCAD that has been around for a long time, Tool Palettes.  I’ve received many questions about setup, protection, and sharing them with other users.  Tool palettes can boost productivity in AutoCAD; however, … Continue reading

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