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SiteScan Data Collection

On September 14th and 15th, we hosted four live events showcasing 3DR’s drone technology and Site Scan software.   Here is the data that we collected during the event at our Walnut Creek location.  We are providing multiple links because SiteScan … Continue reading

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AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 New Features

Civil 3D 2017 was just released this April! As always, we recommend waiting until after initial bugs are addressed to install the version, especially if you will be relying on Civil 3D 2017 heavily for business. The summer time is … Continue reading

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Civil 3D Survey Figure Linetype Generation

Survey figures by default do not show linetype generation in Civil 3D.  This means if you have a survey figure with many closely spaced vertices, you will not be able to see the linetype properly. This is because the Survey … Continue reading

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Inventor Fusion – Survey Prism

If you’ve ever seen a survey prism, you may find them hypnotic to look at.  You’ll always see the pupil of your eye in the dead center, no matter what angle you look into the prism from.  So, how does … Continue reading

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Civil 3D Template Development Part 6 – Survey Standards

Civil and Survey templates overlap in many areas.  Both templates will have styles for surfaces and alignments, maybe even profiles and profile views.  Surveyors always seem to do more than just survey, so don’t short them on styles and content!  … Continue reading

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