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Effective Inexpensive Backups – Part 4 of 5

After you make the batch files you will need to schedule them in Windows Task Scheduler (Windows XP or Windows 7). Make sure both machines are on when the backup is scheduled. You will need to run the scheduled task … Continue reading

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Effective Inexpensive Backups – Part 3 of 5

Goal – Incremental backup by the day so we can find the version of the file(s) we prefer. For this backup we will use xcopy to copy files and folders that have changed since the last incremental backup. This type … Continue reading

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Effective Inexpensive Backups – Part 1 of 5

We recently had two clients who were forced to pay dearly for clean room recovery specialists to recover data from machines that had bad hard drive failures and were not backed up. Software recovery techniques were of no use because … Continue reading

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A Batch of Deployments

Lately I’ve been working on deployments for one of our larger customers. There are six products, each with 32-bit and 64-bit deployments, as well as CAD Masters’ own Standards Manager and requisite VBA for Autodesk products. Needless to say that’s … Continue reading

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